December 18th, 2003


Nothing to see here.

Existential crisis fueled by abject exhaustion in progress:

What the hell am I doing as a student? I mean, really, studying creative writing, theories about culture and violence and the psychological affects of architecture...what the fuck? How is any of this in any way going to help me lead a productive life? Maybe I'd be better off herding goats on a mountain, while wearing leiderhosen or something. I can't ever graduate; I'll starve to death and die or end up living with my parents again. Or maybe I should drop out and go make things with my hands. Learn to be a carpenter or something. I could make rocking chairs. I like rocking chairs. And, also, what am I doing staying up days upon days? When did ten hours for three nights start looking okay as a concept? And where the *hell* is my lighter?

I'm just going to go....finish my paper. And then freak out some more.
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    Jimi Hendrix - Vodoo Child