January 2nd, 2004

swedish chef

An urgent request of the utmost importance.

slodwick and I need you!! Yes! You!

We need you to share your wisdom, to give of your linguistic abilities. We need you to help us in our endeavor to be more worldly. We need you to promote international discourse and interpersonal relations. We need you to break down the barrier between Us and Them.

We need you to tell us how to say "Oh my god, a watermelon ate my ass." in every language you know. With a pronunciation guide. This is crucial.

No. Really.

So come to us, our friends, our guides, our shepherds in this time of crisis. Bring us the knowledge so that we might share, and flourish.

That is all.
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It's a list of things. Things that I'm thinking.

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5. Uhm. Well. BOBCAT. *twitches ear tufts*

6. Morgan, Lionel, we need to talk. You guys need to like...clear out of my brain for a while, okay? Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you're all in the Slum and wanting attention but really, I think maybe we need a break. By which I mean I need to write things that don't contain you. I'm sorry, but it's true. So just...go away. *makes shooing motions*

...yeah. Like that'll work.

7. Also, Clark and Lex? You guys can feel free to come back at any time. No, really. I'd like that.
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