January 20th, 2004


Clown Shoes and other strange happenings.

Alright, so a month in Florida clearly has made an affect on me. Case in point: I'm on the way to the airport after a frantic morning spent packing like a crazed gerbil on speed and it's brought to my attention by my father that I am wearing flip-flops. We are already late to the airport. There's no way we can stop and buy shoes -- because I've managed to lose my only pair of sneakers and I didn't bring any other shoes home with me. My brother proceeds to whip off his sneakers and socks, and we trade shoes.

It's not until I'm inside the terminal and they're driving away that it becomes clear to me what a terrible idea this was: my brother's feet are bloody huge. It was like wearing clown shoes! I swear to God, they were two and a half sizes too big for me.Then becuase my connecting flight was late I had to *run* through Atlanta...in clown shoes. In my head the whole time was the clown theme from the circus. It was interesting.

Anyway, am back in NY. Newsflash: GOOD CHRIST WINTER IS FILLED WITH FROZEN THINGS! Yeah, I know. I am Captain Obvious.

And, for your edification, a story about me grocery shopping:

I'm in the checkout lane. I already have a million impulse buys more than I need littering my cart. I look over, and what do I see? I see a bag filled with pemmican. Now, all my internal Due South censors go of, screaming 'FRASER! FRASER!' at the top of their lungs. And I think to my self, "Self, why not try it out and see what it's like?"

Three dollars and a handful of horrific jerkylike substance later, I know why not. I now appreciate the way Ray mocks Fraser for eating it in a new and more profound way.
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big pimpin'


Lyra continues to pander to my demands and generally spoil me rotten. Have I mentioned how much I love her lately? Becuase it's like, enough love to turn Sibera warm in February. No, really. Just, bonfires of Nifra!love. Very dangerous to the ecology.

ETA: Okay, so interestingly enough, my mood right now is GIDDY and not gloomy. However, I clicked the wrong thing. Do not think me sad, my friends, know that I'm happily giggling as though I were nine and had a copy of Tiger Beat with Joey Macyntire on the cover. (Yeah, spelling's off. I know.)
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Questions of the universe written large across a ball of lint.

There may be a reason for that title, then again maybe not. Being back at school makes me twitchy and strange. Well, twitch*ier* and strange*er*, perhaps. So, anyway, I'm already desperately regretting the loss of my coffee pot, and also the carpet, but I'll survive, I think. I deseperately need to go to Target and get myself a DVD player and a new floor covering of some kind. Perhaps also a microwave and coffee pot. The issue is that I have none of those pretty pieces of green paper one usually exchanges for objects. They seem to have all blown away in the wind, crying that they've been freed from the tyranny of my ridiculously ugly wallet. Or I could have spent it on objets de vice. One of the two, really.

Random note: Being in my room is like living inside a cigarette. I'm not sure how it happened but it sort of became the smoking lounge for my friends. This bears some looking into.

Anyway, I owe people a bajillion comments and emails and as soon as things becalm themselves, I shall get right on that. Until then, I guess, I'm going to sort of gak a thing from thete1 -- which is, in the spirit of the meme about fic commentary, if y'all have specific questions, or want to know more about anything I wrote, ask me and I'll respond.
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