January 28th, 2004

Mmm red duct tape

Left you by the house on fire

Number of things I should be doing right now that relate directly to school and are therefore technically kind of important for me to do: I don't have that many fingers.
Number of those things I'm doing: Not a damned one.
Guilt level regarding that: Mild to moderate.
Headache: High to Extreme. (It feels like there are angry gnomes making like the Viet Cong and tunneling through my brain -- although I'm not trying to imply that the Viet Cong ever tunneled through my brain. That would be strange, indeed.)
Cigarette intake: All time low. Still recovering from smoking the emergency pack. May in fact be recovering from that for a good long time. *shudders*
Ability to see: Highly impaired due to loss of glass and lack of contact lenses.
Possibility that headache is related to lack of corrective lenses: Very definite.
Plans to fix that: Vague. Very vague.

Random Thoughts:

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Lastly? You should all write me smut right this very second as I am a very shiny Nif, and a very bored Nif.
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