February 9th, 2004


A brief list, in no particular order:

1. My refrigerator has frozen my pickles. They're pickle-sickles. This amuses me to no end.

2. Saturday was lovely, and I got to spend it with tstar78, while our waiter, ManBot of the Bling Bling flirted. What more can a girl ask for? Plus, cheesecake!

3. The washing machine and dryer in my basement are posessed. They make noises not unlike screaming children.

4. Aren't possums supposed to hibernate? Also, is it strange that now whenever I look at that word/a possum, all I can think of is Teen Girl Squad?

5. Is it possums or opussums anyway, dammit?

6. I'm glad that I caved in and bought Angel S2. Good God, I *heart* this show. Although, strangely, it has the tendency to make me want everyone to be evil and a vampire. This may not be indicative of over all sound mental health on my part, but -- Darla! Angel! Lindsey! All evil! All vamped out! Sex! Destruction! Glee! ...I'm not seeing the *bad* here, you know, other that the...*bad*.

7. Kristin Kreuk has an amazing ability to look like a dead geisha girl in promo shots. It's unsettling, and disturbing.

8. So. Here's the thing. Remember back when everyone was naming their story? The one that tends to be what they find most interesting, that draws them in again and again (Me? I'm the Quest.)? Well, I was thinking on broad terms about the pairings I tend to be drawn to -- and it seems to me that what gets the most is any permutation on the Arthur/Lancelot vibe. I choose Lancelot here because I personally think Guinevere's a shrill and annoying bitch, and besides, the dynamic between Arty and Lance -- dear God I should be shot for typing that -- is more one of equals. It's the idea of two characters, who are friends and partners, one of which has a darker side and a hell of a lot of anger meeting up with a corresponding character who's just chock full of earnesty -- the kind of person who influences those around him/her to be honorable simply by virtue of the fact that they can't imagine otherwise, but who still have a kind of haunting vulnerability and a deep rooted kind of strength. As I said, the pairings I'm drawn to are *permutations* of this, but let's run down the list briefly, shally we? Rayk/Fraser, Sam/Frodo, Clark/Lex, Kurt/Ororo (XMM) and, hell! Eowyn/Faramir as well. Do you guys find recurring motifs in the pairings that attract you as well? Or, am I being like a fortune cookie here and way too general in my thinking?

9. Pickle-sickles. Heh.
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big pimpin'

It's 10:15 pm -- do you know where your writerly existential crisis is?

Becuase mine's currently trying sit on my chest and suffocate me. Yeah -- my big workshop story's due tommorow, and I am doing that thing that *everyone* does which basically consists of "Ohmygod why would I ever feel like it was a good idea to commit words to paper? I should go pick berries in Haiti instead."

It's possible that I'm the only one who comes up with the Haiti and berry picking.

Anyway. I'm sitting here staring at a blinking cursor, knowing that by tommorow afternoon I best have more than six pages of this thing to my name -- and I'm sure I will. I'm just indulging in a freak out because I'm tired and all that. Besides, *workshop story* due *tommorow*. *sighs* My last one went really well, and I freaked out over that one, too. So I'm sure this one will be fine.

Gah! Dear God, please make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here.


Because I love all of you (and you know I do, don't you? Or you should) I'm going to recc you two really hardcore good Chlana fics. Because I have embraced the Chlana so much that it's like, "Uhm, dude, Nif? Could you, like...let go?" Rest assured gentle readers, I shall not.

So, yes. Chlana fic the first:

1. Blurring Edges by Lyra Sena -- Yeah. She's my podlet. You're all rolling your eyes and thinking, "Dude, nepotism is *so* the best ism." And, yes, yes you are correct, it totally can be, but seriously? The woman's got a talent for writing that *cannot* be denied. So, anyway, what Lyra does here is take apart the bundle of insecurities that *is* Lana Lang...and shows us what Lana *wants* and how Chloe *could* fill that. And she does it beautifully.

2. No place like... by Sageness -- This is preslash, and it's preslash done *right*. Here are our girls, flirting and happy and oh-so-*cute*. This is realistic. This is two high school girls who don't *quite* know what to call the buzzing between them. This is Lana and Chloe, and girl talk and flutters. It's very good - so go read.

I need coffee and cigarettes. Now. Now. Now. *waits for them to materialize and is heartily disappointed when they don't* Did the world not get the memo that it revolves around *me*? Hmm?
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