February 14th, 2004

Mmm red duct tape

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy BIRTHDAY!

*clears throat*

Okay, so I'm early, but here's the thing: I don't want to get scooped. It's Lyra's birthday and I think by now that it's patently obvious how much I adore this woman. Am I right on that? I think I must be right on that. So, first off:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lyra_sena!!!

And secondly, for her birthday I dipped my toe into her Churchill 'verse (which, if you haven't read, you should, go do it now, here's a link to the first story). Since I know that Lyra loves Lois, I wrote her a story about Lois, Thierry and Adelaide. And, you know, because it's Valentines day, I made it a bit romantical. Kind of. *shrugs* A little, maybe.

And then, because I'm bad at surprises, I showed her the story. And do you know what she did? She made a manip of Lois and Thierry! Check it out!

So, with not much further ado, I give you, Lyra darlin', your story: Collapse )
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