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15 February 2004 @ 03:14 pm
If I am not currently dead, than I am certainly dying right this very second. My head is imploding. Noise, sound, and motion are all the most hideous things in the world.

Additionally, I must learn to stay away from the firewater. Sure it looks pretty and says "Captain" on it and makes me think of Johnny Depp and all of that. But the truth is that the alcohol is bad and evil and means only to kill me, as evidenced by the fact that as I said before I am either dead or dying right now. Furthermore, I chose to blame all of this on Valentine's Day which is a cruel and evil excuse for a day. Had it not been Valentine's Day, perhaps the party I went to wouldn't have disintegrated into a vortex of weird. Who knows?

Okay. Moving on.

In which I ramble at length about Lana and Whitney and high school dating heirarchy.Collapse )

Also -- I want to say again, Happy Birthday, Lyra! Becuase, you know what? I can.

And lastly. You know how I totally fangirl rageprufrock? So she's amazing/fabulous/great/so fucking talented it makes my head hurt or maybe that's just the light and sound/the shiznit and all that, and? She did it again, guys. She wrote this seven things story that like...I couldn't walk away from it. She deals with the Marauders at Hogwarts and it's funny, romantic, angsty, beautiful and just plain great. *insert slavish devotion here* Go read it. Like, now.
Current Mood: Dying. Right this very second.
Current Music: I'm anti-sound right now.