February 19th, 2004


Visions and Revisions.

You know, when I get packages in the mail, I often forget things like, a) I paid for these and b) I'm only going to have to read these so that I can end up writing papers on them and c) this adds to the huge amount of things I should spend my free time working on that doesn't include pretty, pretty, shiny porn. I get all OHMYGOD SOMEBODY LOVES ME! BOOKS! THEY SMELL NEW! STUFF FOR ME! ME! ME! It's like my birthday all over again. This lasts for several hours.

Then I look at syllabi and realize, "Wait. *WHAT*'s due next week?" And the joy fades.

But the books still smell new! This, at least, cannot be taken away from me by due dates. Take that! Hah! *sniffs books triumphantly, if rather oddly, indeed*

So, I kind of want to do a poll, and yet...I have no poll type questions to ask at this time. Which saddens me, because am I not an inquiring mind? Do I not want to know? Apparently not. *sighs* My self-image is sadly mistaken. So what I'm'a'gonna do fer ya instead is spam you with one of my favorite poems of all time, because I re-read it this morning and honestly, it's just so *lovely*.

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I would just like to say: 24 hours until Lyra arrives. Woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and we've got another birthday today!! (Has anyone else noticed how those tend to come in packs? Weird, huh?)

Happy birthday, scrunchy! I hope you have a really sorkinesque day with a creamy Meloni-like center! *smooches*
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