March 17th, 2004


And the prognosis is:

My computer is not only clearly dead, it is most sincerely dead. No more computer for Nifra. There's a possibility that we may still be under warranty so I can send the damned thing back to Sony and get it replaced -- but that's just a possibility. I seem to remember having a conversation with my mother when we bought it to the effect of, "Do we really need the extended warranty? It's an extra *insert amount of money here*. You'll be fine without it, right?" "Sure, mom."

I hope to God I made that up in my head or that the non-extended warranty is still in effect. And now I have to go pack, because I've spent the morning sleeping. God damn it.
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I want to just say a blanket thank you to everybody who's offered advice/support about this ridiculous computer situation. I have limited computer time, so I can't respond to all the comments, but -- *hugs everybody*. You guys are definitely the best.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's snowing and dismal here, but hey! I wore green anyway. Actually it's kind of lovely, but I resent the snow too much to appreciate it. St. Patty's should be green, dammit, green!


So, my grandmother was going through her papers and found some stories that I'd written her when I was six years old. They are...very, very funny, and I thought I'd share one here. This was transcribed by some adult-type person at the time, and is now copied verbatim for your edification.

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