March 24th, 2004

big pimpin'

That windmill sure *looked* like a dragon.

Okay, so I think that we've broached the topic of my neurosis as a group before, but let's go play in that sandbox again, because, really, there are times when I see what I'm doing and I can only shake my head because I? Have reached a level of absurdity so profound that it's sublime, to quote Lyra.

Today there were all sorts of things I was going to do. There were all sorts of things I *should have done*, and I was up early enough to do them, too! For instance, I should have called to see if my glasses were ready. I should have done reading for class. I should have written my next workshop story, or at the very least more fic. (By the by, Clark's found his way home, and boy have I missed that boy. *gives him a big sloppy kiss right on the cheek*) Do you know what I did today? I decided to catologue all of the music I have with me.

Now, before I go on, I'll admit that I'm kind of crazy about music. I have absolutely no musical ability, but I'm pretty much incapable of existing with out music playing. It's a white noise thing, partially, I think, but at any rate at all hours of my life music *must* be playing. (It's a quirk. Go with it.) Because of this my cd collection is...extensive, to say the least. Now, when I'm traveling for over a week, I like to take the bulk of my cds with me. Just in case I absolutely *must* listen to both Johnny Cash and Mindless Self Indulgence within a four hour span. (I'm moody, what can I say? Also, this is the thinking that underpins the entirety of my packing process, so I pretty much always end up packing a bloody steamer trunk no matter where I'm going and for how long. Yet another quirk. I did mention the fact that I'm utterly crazy, right? Good, I thought so.)

So. Anyway. I've got most of my cds with me. I type up all the names of my cds -- the reasoning behind this decision is now lost to me. I think it had something to do with trying to figure out what kind of a portrait of my musical tastes my cd collection gave, because it's like not even half the amount that was on my computer pre-computer-death, and I feel that it's pretty unfinished. Then, as I'm doing this, I realize that I have like, a bajillion and a half mix cds (which roughly translates to over twenty). And I think to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be a good idea to listen to those and type up all the songs that are on them?"

And of course, I think this is a great idea (I mean, natch -- I had it, right? *rolls eyes*) so I get to it. For the first hour, this is diverting/entertaining/interesting. Then it's a mission. Then it's a journey down memory lane. Now? I'm pretty much calling it a lost cause. What's funny is that lyra_sena has become infected with the Righteous Quixotic Fervor and is now trying to help me figure out names of songs I can't remember.

What's cool, though, is that as I did this I ran across three cds that a friend and I made as musical punishment for the people we worked with. This was after the Week of Nothing But Led Zeppelin, and as much as I like Led Zeppelin there comes a time when it induces gnashing of teeth. (Day Three of the week, btw.) So we made Collapse )

And then I came across a couple of cds that were emblematic of their times. Collapse )
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Warm Fuzzies! (or an Open Love Letter)

So I was just tooling around on LJ and I read some of my most recent entries, and I was like, "Damn, me, way to be a Negative Nancy all the time," and you know what? I don't really like that because you know what? LJ's been a great outlet for me, and more than that, through LJ I have met some of the most generous, kind people I've ever talked to. It was just a big kind of epiphany moment I had, and I just wanted to..*laughs*, okay I don't know quite how to verbalize this, but I just wanted to give a big wet kiss on the cheek to all of fandom. You guys are amazing, and I really do feel blessed to know you. *twirls every one around and around, hugging at random*
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