April 21st, 2004


The Other Candidates are Way Bogus

*clears throat*

So, dudes, we have a most uncool and bogus real life election going on but it's all copasetic because a way excellent lady (lexcorp_hope who has organized the righteous Fandom Escapist Election. And Lyra and I would like to nominate Bill and Ted...The most excellent candidates!

*grins* Here's the part where I beg/plead for someone to make me an icon with them on it, saying either "Politics are a most excellent adventure!" or "War is way bogus!"

Anyone? Bueller?
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Woot! GIP!

And the election wagon moves on: Check out the icon, y'all! bunglegirl is perhaps the rockin'est babe of the bunch, and she made for me, and I loves it, precious, yes I does. *bounces*
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Friends, Romans, Countrymen...Lend Me Your Eyes.

For I have a very important announcement to make. An announcement about a birthday of someone quite close to my heart. Someone who's been there for me, through the ups, the downs, the in-betweens -- who has laughed, and cried, and hyperventilated with me throughout the years. Someone to whom I credit all of my triumphs and foibles, someone so perfect, so wonderful, so ridiculously attractive and intelligent that she could only be...


*grins* Okay, so in point of fact, my birthday is in a few hours. Now, I think we can all agree that I? Am a dork, and have read perhaps FAR TOO MUCH Tolkein in my time, but one of the Hobbity customs that I, personally, always thought was way neat was the custom of that Hobbits had of giving gifts to *others* on their birthdays. So, me being the masochistic fool that I am, I thought: I KNOW! I'll write a fic for every year I've been alive OMIGOD what a good idea that is.

And so I did it, and really, guys, this is only completed by the grace of Lyra, who a) encouraged me, b) dealt with the freak outs when I was all 'OMIGOD THERE IS NO WAY THIS WILL BE DONE IN TIME WOE IS ME' c) built the site d) beta-ed each and every one of these damned things.

So I give you,

Here you will find fic in the following fandoms *takes deep breath*: The O.C, Sports Night, Smallville, Justice League, Master and Commander, Harry Potter, Angel, Buffy, Lucifer, X-Men Movieverse, the Lucifer comics, Chicago, due South, and Firefly. There's het, there's gen, there's femslash, there's manslash and there's crazy.

Oh man, is there crazy. Like, me for instance.

So go, enjoy, have fun, and don't forget to tip the waiter.
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