April 27th, 2004


coming down like water/faith in buckets

It's like clockwork: the end of the semester rolls around, and I'm holed up in my room, sniffling and complaining about my sinus pain. I wonder sometimes if it's a stress thing, but in all honesty I'm just not stressed out right now, so I'm going with no. And this is way extreme for it to me completely psychosomatic, so I think that I just happen to have The World's Most Poorly Timed Allergies.

Also, me sick? Is me at a certain level of patheticness that I can't even describe adequately. Instead I'll give you an example: I'm on the phone with Lyra. I want chocolate, which happens to be in my refrigerator, and she has to coach me into standing up and walking across the room to get it. "If I move, my brain will split open," I say.

"If you don't, you won't have chocolate," she contends.

This goes on for a good five/ten minute, and in all honesty? Is about the extent of my ability to have any form of congress with the world when I feel this way. It's a sad, sad sight, I'll tell you.

Also, PS, I miss everyone! *snugs*

PPS, Vote Bill/Ted in 2004! They are most excellent!
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big pimpin'


*clears throat* AHEM! I'm back! I'm back! Also, I'm back!

....sort of. End of the semester, so school business will be all over the place, but still -- this is me, BACK!

*dances away*
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