April 30th, 2004


Oh, baby, fic spam like you mean it.

So exactly one week ago, it was my birthday! Woot! And for my birthday, I posted The Score - 20 fics for 20 years. They're short little things, and I'm going to go ahead and post them here in my journal -- a few at a time. Any thoughts as to archives/etc. where I could post the non-SV ones would be appreciated!

The plan is to post them in little fic-groupings that make sense (if nowhere else) in my little Nif-brain, and the first grouping is pretty damned straight forward: SV fics.

So, fic the first:

Title: Bound
Spoilers: Exile/Pheonix
Summary: Lex is not the same, but he is more himself.

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And Fic Spam the Last - Why the hell not?

Make a clean sweep of all the Superman related things, while I'm at it, I guess.

Title: Stasis
Fandom: JLA
Spoilers: A Better World (set in the Lorder 'verse, actually.)
Summary: Lois wishes she didn't want him.

(again, thoughts as to where to post/archive welcome, nay encouraged)

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