May 7th, 2004


Status Report (standing on my head)

Cigarettes: 15
Coffee: 5 large cups
Existential freak outs: 3, one of which resulted in me looking at plane tickets to New Orleans, and planning a life there as a pastry chef. Mmm beignets.
Shoe casualties: 1 -- I threw it across the room. It impaled itself on a standing lamp. It was a dying sneaker anyway.
Pens exploded in mouth: 1. My lips? Still with the blue.
Pages read: 527 of *class work*, and even more of research for my term paper.
Presentations given: One that doesn't even bear thinking of.
Hours of sleep the previous night: Five
Hours of sleep the night before that: Five and a half.
Brain: Mush. Gross, grey, oatmealey mush that is good for absolutely nothing.
Panic: Moderate. Only moderate. Really. I swear to God.
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angelina sex

Hey, ladies.

Let me now pimp something which deserves pimping like whoa. The lovely pun who always has the nicest ideas has yet another on! The Feedback Challenge! It's a challenge to get people to...wait for it...give and receive large amounts of feedback! It's multi-fandom, and y'all, there ain't nobody in the world who doesn't want more feedback. Trust me. So go! Sign up! Write somebody a nice little email, make their day, get your day made in turn. Who *isn't* all about that business?

I sure am.

Also, this afternoon equals Nif Procrastinates Time but later tonight begins Phase One of Mission Weekend Work.

...sometimes I wish I wasn't such a ridiculous slacker. The end of the semester is definitely one of those times.
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