May 12th, 2004


I am the master of the universe.

Status Report:

Cigarettes: 17
Coffee: None
Pages read: 267
Pages written: 14
Papers finished: ONE! YES! THAT'S RIGHT, BIOTCH! EAT IT! No power in the 'verse can stop me, not even you, you damned paper!
Papers left to go: One.
When is that paper due, Nifra?: Thursday.
And how important is this paper, hmm?: ....very, okay? Very.
And how much have you done for it?: I...*kicks at the ground*. I have part of an outline?
And how does this make you feel?: Like you just kicked my puppy.
Do you have anything to say?: *whimper*

Also, I want to show off all my new icons!

From crazyperfume:


And from my sugar mama, lyra_sena, more sex icons *squee!*:


...God. I am a lucky icon having Nif tonight. And an unlucky work having Nif. *heavy sigh as she trudges off to bed, when in reality she should be trudging back to work*
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ew bitch - crazyperfume

Now? Would not be a bad time for a riot.

You know, try as I might, I can't even manage to be flippant about how very, very stressed out I am right now. In a few hours, I'll maybe be able to be amused by how cracked out I am, or even how truly fucked my situation is. As of right now, though? Not so much. I mainly just want to kick the ass of everyone I am related to and many of the people around me because I'm in such a truly foul mood, and yet also I want to curl up and maybe cry or sleep.

I kind of hate a lot of things right now. But not Firefly. I like Firefly a lot.
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Mmm red duct tape

Well, hot damn.

So I've had this livejournal for over a year now which means that I've been in SV fandom for over a year now -- check that out. *scratches head* In the past year, I have, 42 fics? I think?

Happy belated anniversary to me, I guess. Woot.

ETA: I forgot about the fics I wrote for my birthday, so in reality, it's more like...62. Shit, man.
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