May 22nd, 2004


it's not a hurry we're in. (i think i'd like my soul back)

Thing one: I am taking this from my favorite Slod (possibly my only Slod. Definitely my favorite) as it seems very appropriate given the way my mind has been running on one track all day long, and that track is actually a person. Which is a weird sentence/concept, but a true one.

If there is one person you can't stop thinking about, post this same exact sentence in your journal.

*shakes head*

Thing two: A day that is intrinsically good can have weird dark spots. It's like uncomfortable creepy shade in the sunlight. I'm not so much down with that.

Thing three: I *heart* celli and to entertain her I wrote this little thing.
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swedish chef

The More You Know!

Point Counterpoint with Nifra and Lyra

1. Lyra IS the human representation of all power dynamics between marsupials and avacados. Nifra is NOT.
2. Nifra is secretly a coyote on mescalin. Lyra just ate a banana.
3. Lyra starts with 'l'! Nifra sounds like an STD.
4. Nifra likes dancing, running, and feeding the body parts of insolent classmates to rabid sharks. Lyra is on fire.
5. Nifra likes children, for dinner. Lyra has alerted the United Nations!
6. Lyra knows grammar! Nifra has an unholy relationship with the comma!
7. At night, sometimes, Nifra dreams about William Faulkner swimming in a teapot of desire. She wakes up screaming. Lyra does not!
8. Lyra fits into your pocket! And steals all of your money! Nifra laughs and points.
9. Nifra is a state of mind. Lyra is state in Russia!
10. Nifra would like to thank you for your donations. Lyra would like to kick you in the head.
11. Lyra is an unfrosted poptart. Nifra is the Prime Minister of France.
12. Lyra has a modicum of decency. Nifra has mad cow disease.
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