July 6th, 2004

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My thoughts, in list format.

1. dameange rocks my socks like Jimi Hendrix at Monterey Pops, if I had been there, which I wasn't, but anyway, look, look, look! She made me a cover for Set You Free, which was just...*drools*> *loves and loves and loves*

2. I'm so behind on my email that it's utterly ridiculous. I will get back to you, know that, but it might take me...*checks watch* years. Or a few days. Or something. Also, my email is being weird -- so if there's anything urgent or anything, you should just ping me.

3. pearl_o is my pusher, and the drug of choice is due South. My love! For Fraser! And Ray! And Ray! And Fraser! And Frannie! And Turnbull! *does cartwheels*

4. Collapse )

5. My website has been updated by the lovely lyra_sena, with links to The Score now, too. So there you can find the whole Nifra Library, as it were. Enjoy!
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rawr! i am the demanding one!

1. happyminion is way smart in the comments to my post here (if you've not seen Covenant yet, steer clear, as there are some Chloe related spoilers).

2. Do you ever just get bored with your own writing? And wish at random that you could suddenly write like Tom Robbins or someone else who's style is 100 percent different from yours?

3. I was thinking today about the more or less complete absence of mother figures in the mythos of Smallville, so far. I mean, we've certainly got enough fathers to fill a PTO meeting -- Lion-El, Jor-El, Jonboy Kent, Gabe Sullivan, and Henry Small. But mothers? We've only got Martha, and I know I foam at the mouth about Martha on a regular basis, but by the end of Season 3, we can all say that she's a damned absent mother, emotionally. (She did get a little better toward the end, but she's just not the same woman she was S1, certainly for a variety or reasons.)

Again and again it seems to me like Smallville's handling of any kind of female influence on the lives of Clark and Lex is haphazard at best -- and when it comes to mothering, things are no different. And that kind of drives me a little nuts, for any number of reasons, but also for the simple reason that mothers play an excruciatingly large role in the lives of their children.

For me, the Lana-Nell relationship is maybe the most aggravating one of all. I mean, certainly, I can create my own internal logic for the way it worked out that way (and have) -- but do we ever see it on screen? And Nell, in general, gets the shortest of shrifts. Which, to me, is problematic.

I mean, I could go on and on and also *on* and not with any kind of real thought behind it, just like...ranting. Which all of the above basically is.

4. I'm desperately bored. Someone (or really, any number of someones) should find a way to entertain me and RIGHT NOW. *waits for flist to dance like monkeys*

5. My room is hot like the bowels of hell. I think I even smell a whiff of sulfur.
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