August 16th, 2004

big pimpin'


*coughs* So it's a blatant self pimp, but whatever, I'm a tacky lady, and I love it that way.

Anyway -- any and all of you who like film noir? Or Nifra Sue?

Check out leschatsnoirs. Nifra Sue and Sloddy Sue as multifandom private investigators, with crazy backstories and more fun than you can shake a stick at!!! Those of you who wanted Nifra Sue to branch out? Dude, she's branching out WITH FEDORAS!! Also, the site's *beautiful* thanks to Slod, who's just talented like WHOA.

So go! Enjoy! Have fun! Read all about the Private Dicks at Large, and how we met Lex and Clark! Woot!
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Site Update!

Neon Nights has been updated! With stories in due South, Smallville, a Harry Potter/Sandman cross over and Horatio Hornblower, on top of a whole mess o' Nifra Sue. Thanks to Lyra Sena for coding her fingers to the bone for me, she is, as always, the best hetero-lifemate any woman could ever ask for. *snuggles her Lyra*
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SV Fic: Whited Sepulchres and Other Old Lies

This was my fic for lexcorp_hope's fantabulous Smallville Zine, Ground Zero. I just want to say again that anyone who hasn't gone and played around on that site who has any interest in SV whatsoever is just a silly, silly wallaby. It's a fantastic idea, and all of the contributions were stunningly well done. So, go *makes hand motions toward website* and fb all the lovely entries!

Title: Whited Sepulchres and Other Old Lies
Summary: Lionel's got eyes to see.
Thanks: To Lyra, for the prodding and the beta, and Hope, for the wonderful inspiration of the prompt. *snugs both*

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