August 25th, 2004

lucifer/ death

An Open Letter to LJ, and other fun things.

Dear LJ:

I will kill you with my hands and I will put knives in your family if you do not bend to my will.

No love,



Things this entry would contain if I could only do it:

1. My new Stephen Colbert icon from fox1013 who brings all the girls to the yard with her hardcore wonderful.

2. A link to fabulous comment porn that happened.

Things it will contain now, despite LJ's attempts to kill my spirit and quench the rebellion: a ficlet for the lovely Ms. Vic P.

This is unbeta-ed as my girl is out of town, and un-titled, as I am lame ass. Any thoughts, comments, criticisms, would be fawned over/appreciated.

Also, PS, I was way lame, and snuck the word she requested into a line of dialogue. *laughs*

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swedish chef

Come unto me, little slashkins, and let me tell you a story.


For your reading enjoyment, I will show you the running commentary on that movie that I gave bexless. while watching it, and you too, my dulcet darlings, can see the absolute measure of cracked out. If you're never going to see the movie, then you should really read this. Or if you have seen the movie. Or if you don't mind being spoiled. Because this -- it's an epic thing.

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At the end of the movie, I was very conflicted as to who to ship. bexless was not. She's all about the Wes/Heathy. Me? I've got a soft spot for African Sugar Daddy.
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