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21 September 2004 @ 02:26 am
Random Musings Sorted by Fandom :

1. Hornblower. Collapse )

2. Smallville. Spoilers for S3 finale, the name of which I cannot now remember.Collapse )

3. Sam and Josh are like the bitchier big brothers of Dan and Casey, though both Dan and Casey can on occasion be bitchy.

Also: would anything in the world be funnier than Sports Night fic written in Faulknerian style?

I think not. (I may be in the minority on this one).

4. Darla=Lindsey, just...blonde. And with girlparts. And a vampire. But other than that. Yes.

5. Things I covet:

The song Wild by Poe, and either a Faith icon or a Darla icon. I do so love those girls...*smiles happily* Also, warmer socks.
Current Mood: cold!
Current Music: Doll Parts - Hole