September 24th, 2004

rock star ioan

wounded warrior (i'm going to die of hypochondria!)

I, apparently, am a very, very nummy treat. This is what the countless numbers of mosquitos who bit me tonight seem to believe, at any rate. While I have always wanted to secretly believe that I was a sumptuous delight for the senses, this is maybe not how I wanted to find out. Also I think I have an ear infection. But, at least I'm not coughing my lungs out any more, or in fever delirium, so this is improvement.

Baby steps.

And, hey, speaking of Delirium, how about you all mosey on over here and read tiamatschild's really fucking good Sandman/Hornblower crossover featuring Delirium and Archie? It's short, it's sharp, and it's got same kind of folding of thought that Delirium always seems to have. I like it a lot.

Basically, also, I feel like the Endless can (and maybe should) be crossed over into every fandom. This holds true for Queer Eye, as well. Again, I say to you, Queer Eye for the Firefly Guy. You know you want to write it and make me happy.

I haven't seen SV yet. I have devoured spoilers all summer and read all posts about it. Sometime this weekend I'll see it, and write up some squee for all of you to point and laugh at. I'm sure my incoherence will be a thing of beauty.

And, one last thing, which is that I've picked up Le Morte D'Arthur again, and how very much do I love it? More than can be put into words, my friends. More than can be put into words.

...though I'm sure I'll try when I end up writing the inevitable KA fic wherein I attempt to smoosh Malory Arthur and Schumacker Arthur canon together into a big...puddle of utter nonsense, more likely than not. *shrugs*
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