September 26th, 2004

Clark RHPS

Round it up.

All right. So you know those days that you have where you feel really hot and sexy and then all of a sudden you trip and fall and flash that really good looking guy? Yeah, well, today I was feeling the hot, feeling the cute, and then all of a sudden? The button on my jeans popped.

This is either a sign from God that I a) need to lose weight, and do it NOW or b) stop buying cheap ass jeans. I can't tell which. But it concerns me, nonetheless.

Also -- I just read thamiris' really thought provoking post about Fannish Identity as Text . Now, this is something I think about ALL THE DAMNED TIME. It's not a worry, so much, as a curiosity and I think it's something that we're not aware of as we type up these entries/read our flist. Because everything we put into these livejournals is another clue as to the real flesh and blood person typing, and I think that part of the reason there are such misinterpretations is that LJ posts are heavily filtered in terms of what they let through of the author. I mean, I know I think sometimes that I come across as a fandom puppy of sorts -- all wagging tale and bouncing exuberance. Which, you know, is not wholly inaccurate. I am that sometimes. But -- gah. I really don't know where I'm going with this. *laughs* Mainly just this is something that gets me thinking a lot, and I think that LJ freaks me out a great deal of the time, because I can't get an accurate picture of myself or anyone else, really, by reading it.

*furrows brow* I didn't say one thing that made sense in that whole paragraph. Well, *grins* go read Tham's entry -- she says it more eloquently than I can.
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