October 9th, 2004


Dear Smallville,

I came to a slasher, and you gave me goodness. You gave me the hot and angsty and incredibly intricate relationship between Clark and Lex, which will exist forever and ever amen.

But then -- do you know what you did then? Do you even know?

You turned me het. Yes, ma'am. That you did. You said, "Here, Nifra. Look at Lois. She's so fucking hot. Isn't she so fucking hot? And oh, look at how she and Clark are. Yes. Yes look at that. And isn't that great?"

And I -- chagrined -- said, "Well, yes."

That, however, was not enough. No, Smallville, you were not done.

You took my hand, and you lead me to the Talon. You said, "Now, Nifra, you know how you want to believe in Lana and how you secretely like her?"

And I shuffled my head, and I nodded.

"Well, then," you said, "let's take a peek at her and Jason."

And so I did. And it was good.

"Aren't they adorable? Doesn't he bring out good things in her? Don't you just love them?"

"Yes," I said, shuffling my feet, "I guess I basically do."

BUT THEN! OH GOD BUT THEN! You said to me, "Now, who else do you love?"

"Chloe," said I, with vigor and vim.

"Well," you said, "don't you also love Lex?"

And naturally I do, and said so. And so you took my hand and you lead me to a special place -- a place containing both Chloe and Lex, and suddenly all was clear. They must be with each other all the time. They need each other desperately. They need for me to need them.

And, oh, Smallville, need them I do.

Heterosexually oriented,

Nifra Idril
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