October 12th, 2004


dear today,

what's your issue, man? I'm all flouncing around in a good mood and then suddenly you gotta make me think about my future and thusly flip out? What's that about?

No Love,



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Fannish Musings Two: due South

I totally have a crush on Ray Vecchio. I have no real explanation for it, but I just do. He's just totally precious in every way. I adore it. And I can see to an extent why people would slash him with Fraser, but here's my thing: they're so good as friends. And I want for Fraser to be able to have friends with whom he doesn't have to be having sex; I want for him not to experience the world as a place where nobody likes him for him, but just likes him for his face and abs and glutes and body and whoa is he hot.


Sorry, I got lost there.

But at any rate: Rayv and Fraser are just so sweet as friends, and in some ways, Rayk I don't think is a good *friend* for Fraser. They're a great romantic pairing, because their neuroses match I think, more or less, but their interactions are so much more charged with need than the RayV and Fraser ones.

So that's my two cents on a very old issue. *laughs*


Lastly, I am feeling very loving today. *showers kisses upon fandom and tosses confetti over your heads*
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