October 26th, 2004


That was unexpected.

Wow -- you know sometimes you really get kicked in the gut. I -- *laughs weakly* -- thought I got along really well with everybody this weekend but apparently I was wrong. I'm sorry if my table manners offended some of you, they obviously offended Amy. I just hope that not everybody was totally put off by the thing with my leg; I can't help it, it was just an accident. I need to go...sit for a while. Or something. Yeah.
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SV FIC: Onan Honeymoon/Deny This Thrice NC-17

Title: Onan Honeymoon/Deny This Thrice
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I want perfection/ I'm real need/ I've seen attention/ See Through Me.
Notes: Inspired by slodwick and her mega-wowness in general (FIREANDICEOMIGODDED), thanks to svmadelyn and Hosebeast Master General fox1013 for read throughs, and Lyra for a hardcore beta as always.

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    'In wildem Leiden erwuchs er sich selbst' (Wotan)-Wagner-Die Walkure - Solti. Nilsson, Crespin, Ludwig, King, Hotter, Frick. 02