October 27th, 2004


Right this very second, things I love:

1. Vanilla diet coke. Some will try to tell you that it tastes like the bastard love child of motor oil and pancake batter, but lo, they will only lead you astray. It is delicious, and very enticingly packaged.

2. My tooth paste, which is EMPOWERMINT flavored.

3. All things Jane Austen and P.G. Woodehouse. Bertie! Mr. Darcy! *loves*

4. My robe, though it's a little scratchy. It's just so convenient to have so that when I hobble to the kitchen to make myself tea, the huge massing of weird hipster boys in the common area can't see my nipples through my pajama top.

5. Whatever the hell is outside of my window making ululating noises. You may think I'm being sarcastic on that one -- but I'm finding that noise very, very funny. It'd have to be experienced to be understood, but it's rather like the shrieking death gurgle of a hyena on an 8-ball of blow.
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open sky - crazy perfume

This post is not all it could have been.

I've definitely been trying to come up with a wacky and fun way to express the fact that I've overscheduled myself like WHOA this week.

For a while, I was thinking about writing a parody of West Side Story where I'm Maria and Tony is the human embodiment of free time and our love is so doomed! Songs like, "Tonight, Tonight, there's only porn tonight! Porn to read! Porn to watch! Porn to write!" and "A time like now, you write a paper! A time like now, you can read fic later!" and "I feel writey! Oh-so-writey! I feel writey, and porny and gay!" would all have made appearances.

Then I realized that by writing up such an entry, I would make all of you visualize me trying to do jazz hands and dance with my crutches. And, while hilarious, this is a mental image which we should all be spared.

The second option, then, was the concept of the progress report, as I usually do. This, too, got out of hand. When I was down to things like "Possibility of you ever saying anything that doesn't begin with OMGWTF ever again: OMGWTFNEVERAHAHAHAH!!!" I realized that this format may well be played.

Lastly, I thought about doing a word association. Example:


That seemed perhaps too fraught with exclamation points, and so I was thwarted once more. Curse you...someone! *shakes fist vaguely* I'll get you next time, Gadget. And your little dog, too.
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