November 9th, 2004

sinner ioan

Oh, boy.

Sometimes all you can do when you have too much work to do is just look at it and laugh, really, really, hard. So that's what I'm doing right now. I've piled all my reading that needs to be done by Thursday up on my desk, and I'm cackling.

This is not a gleeful cackle, you understand. No, no, this is pure hysteria/appreciation of the utterly absurd. I mean -- me? Do that reading? You have got to be kidding me. If you all think I'm doing that reading, certainly we've never met before. Let me introduce myself: I'm Nifra. I like to eat and sleep and breathe sometimes between doing homework assignments.

On another note, I'm so behind in watching Smallville that it's retarded. I haven't seen the last three episodes. I weep with rage and frustration. I weep and shake and sweat from withdrawl. (And then of course, I do reading, because reading is now my life.)

Also -- qe2: I've been trying to email you forever omigod and either I'm fucking it up or your account's being weird. And I said this before in a comment, but it continues to be true. I feel like our emails are conspiring against me personally, and I'm gonna have to get physical if this continues. *attempts to be physically intimidating despite crutches*

Oh! That's another thing I wanted to vaguely complain about: I'm still mad broken. You'd think I'd have healed by now, or that my spidey senses would have somehow made it so that I could walk and stuff. Sadly, not the case.

I guess I'm not really a mutant, after all. Damnit.

OHH! And! I'm behind on birthdays like whoa as I live in a perpetual bubble of broken -- goss and nerodi happy belated birthdays! *showers you both in confetti, and hands goss a Lex clone and a nice little sailor of a pegboy Clark to nerodi* I'm so sorry I'm late! *kisses*
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rock star ioan

It's amazing that I'm still alive.

Inspired by serialkarma's fridge thing, let me share with you things I currently own that can be consumed:

-- bay leaves
-- baker's chocolate
-- nutmeg
-- rum
-- cigarettes
-- gum (which, by the way, I will never consume as I accidentally bought the world's nastiest faux-fruit flavored crapola ever due to the fact that I am powerless in the face of packaging)
-- water

That's it. That's literally all I've got. And the water is kind of stretching it, as it comes out of the tap. It occurs to me that if I didn't have meal plan, I'd starve to death and die.

Sad times, man.

Anyway, I got my Yuletide assignment today. I'm so nervous about this challenge that I can't even remember why I felt like it would be a good idea, but it'll be cool. It'll work out. It'll be fine, fine, fine. I have confidence. Really, I do. I'm not just talking myself into confidence, I have it. Really. One with the confidence, that's me.

So I'ma go blow off my reading in favor of writing porn with pearl_o.
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