November 10th, 2004

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oooh, la la

I keep going outside and being utterly shocked by how magnificently beautiful everything is. It's crisp, and it's clear, and it seems like all of the colors have somehow been heightened and things smell absolutley fabulous. (Except for my refrigerator, and I really need to deal with that but I just keep sort of poking the damned thing, opening it a little bit, making faces at the stench that wafts out then shrieking and running across the rooom to get away from it. This is not constructive, strangely enough.) But, outside there's that loamy leafy smell, and there's still green, green grass on the ground even though it crunches underneath my feet because you know -- frost. The sky is so ridiculously blue, and I don't see a damned cloud anywhere.

And I keep just stopping and looking around and wondering: "How did I fucking miss how pretty this is last year and the year before?"

Because the way I remember fall is filled with cold disgusting grey rain and the impending feel of doom and the smell of wet wool.

This may mean I'm finally becoming acclimated to living somewhere with seasons, or it may all be a function of the fact that, oh, yeah, I'm not heavily depressed. Which, you know, I feel pretty damned good about.


Also, by the by, my Yuletide Darling, my Secret Santa Dear --

I am so excited about getting any of my requests that I am practically beside myself. I like funny banter, I like angst, I like sex, I like ships, I like weirdness. The only thing I'd ask to not have happen is non-con, but I like virtually all forms of kink. I mean, you know, not way violent BDSM, because I've got a thing about pain (in that I don't like it at all, and then cringe and imagine it happening to me) but really, beyond that everything is cool. Don't stress out too much -- I'm pretty easy. *slutty wink* I hope you have fun!
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