November 11th, 2004

my news is better than yours - foxlet

Fuck April, man. November's the goddamned cruelest month, fo'sheezy.

How long have you been awake? : We'll round up by fifteen minutes or so and call it 22 hours.
How long until you have to wake up again? : About...four hours. Four and half.
Problems with this scenario: I lack coffee filters.
That's your problem with four and a half hours of sleep?: It's the first one that jumps to mind, yeah. I've got cigarettes, though, so I should be fine. Hopefully.
Classes missed today: One.
Why?: Oh, you know. No real reason. Just fell asleep for a little while...RIGHT BEFORE CLASS. *facepalm*
You think the prof's on to you?: Oh, you know. Could be, as he WALKED RIGHT UP TO ME AND ASKED WHY I WASN'T IN CLASS TODAY!
Your response?: "I fell down."
You realized this was lame, right?: As I was saying it, my friend, as I was saying it. But I kept a straight face, and I stood by it as an answer, and I looked so resolute that he let it lie. Or maybe he just didn't care. Either way, it worked out fine for me.
Irony of the day: After using this excuse, I then promptly FELL DOWN.
Amount of reading you have to do before your class tomorrow: About three hundred pages.
Anything you need to write before class, too?: You bet your sweet ass.
What time is this class?: Oh, you know. ELEVEN.
Identify the fridge stench: Seriously, nothing truly mundane could smell that utterly rank, so I think that what's happened is that the Norse god Loki crawled into the freezer and died, but first cursed us with a perpetual reek.
Have steps been taken about this: No mere mortal can combat this smell. We need divine aid.
Did you just sign up for another challenge?: know. Maybe.
You totally did, didn't you?: OmigodSHUTTUP! (yes)
You get that this is going to drive you crazy, right?: Maybe this time will be different, really. I mean, honest. It will be. I swear. *is already wincing in anticipation of deadline freakout*
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my idol

Thus far today, I have:

1. Caused an epic flood of coffee in the kitchen. I thought I'd need an arc for a little while there, but I got out without drowning in what should have been my wake-me-up.

2. Lost my cell phone while it was in my pocket and spent a good forty five minutes looking for it, only to have a very hot stranger come up to me and politely point out that it was VISIBLY STICKING OUT OF MY JEANS.


I really do fail at life.

ETA: I'ma meme up my life for a little bit, so as to distract myself from the STENCH OF BURNED HAIR (omigod there were flames on my person not ten minutes ago!). So, you know that meme where people write five sentences that would never actually appear in one of their stories? I'm going to do the variation on that where I ask you all to write them in my comments. So come on and tell me what you think you'd never see happen in one of my stories.
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