December 11th, 2004

open sky - crazy perfume

*shakes fist at the world* THWARTED AGAIN!

The plan for tonight was for me to write papers. Apparently, this secretely meant 'get very drunk and look at pictures of food online'. It's amazing enough that I'm able to type at all right now. I've taken my advil in advance, I've got two water bottles by the bed, I'm good to go.

Except: *insert work woe here*. Now that I'm glassy-eyed and utterly sloshed, all I want is to write papers or fic, or other productive things such as that.

Damn you, work ethic. How do you be so short?
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seth rawks

A potpourri of Nifness.

There is nothing quite so humbling as waking up only half on your bed, and half off your bed to the sound of children screaming with joy outside, talking about how beautiful it is. It is beautiful, of course. But in a soul-crushingly bright kind of way.

Dear God, I have to go write papers. But before I do, I should probably invest in some -- sea-legs or something. The ground is a treacherous place under my feet today; it keeps wobbling and moving.

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And, some story recs:

1. No Angel Came (SV, Clark/Lex, Spoilers for Spell) by rivkat - This is a beautiful, heartbreaking story. RivkaT knows Lex -- I mean, she really *knows* him, and writes him utterly flawlessly. Each detail in this story, each line, has a gem in it -- it's fucking note perfect. This is Lex Luthor, being slowly slowly pulled apart, and you need to read it.

2. Chrysalis (dS, Fraser/Rayk) by cherryice - This story isn't told so much, as unfolded somehow. The author deals out the details one by one, and you don't know what you're looking at until the very end -- it's like impressionism, through story telling, and I really love it. The RayK voice is just so *there* and effortless to read, really. There's nothing about this story that feels forced -- it's this slow unwinding, and it's gorgeous.
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