December 15th, 2004


Feedback Challenge! Woot!

So, pun is a lovely lady filled with lovely ideas, and one of my all time favorites has been this recurring Feedback Challenge of hers. Because, really, who doesn't love to get a little feedback every now and again? *grins* And more than that, *giving* it is fun, becuase you know you're putting a smile on someone else's face.

And I was lucky enough to get the very talented rosesmove! Which makes this an utter joy, because, I'm telling y'all -- girl writes both Clark *and* Lex with an ease that blows me out of the water, and that I envy, as writing Lex POV for me is like climbing over broken, burning glass.

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I really enjoyed doing this, and rosesmove, I hope this makes you smile, because you deserve to. You certainly put a smile on my face with these stories.
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