December 16th, 2004

scarlett! - graysong, please

This is not the way of the righteous.

I was sleeping until now and I don't know why I'm not sleeping now, except that the heat won't turn off which is problematic because it's making me sweat disgustingly and I think I may have broken off my thermostat. Why is sweat so gross? I don't know. I would wax philosophical, except I can barely keep my eyes open, and plan to try and find a comfortable place to sleep and be sometime very soon.

A couple of things that are not the way that they should be, and are confusing to me in the way that they currently are:

1. How I got to 'sleep through the night' from 'pull an allnighter' on my personal game plan tonight
2. The thing with the heater being on so much
3. I don't know where I've put my cell phone, now, and this is disturbing. I tend, sometimes, when I have an early wake up call, to sleep clutching it like a doll.
4. Why I'm typing this instead of doing anything constructive about numbers 1, 2, or 3.
5. Why I am currently the owner of a pack filter-less cigarettes.

You guys, it was not supposed to be this way. There was a way tonight was supposed to be, and that way is not this way.

In conclusion: fuck, man.
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my idol

*panic ensues*

AAAHHHHH! OMIGOD AHHHH! *runs around tearing hair out and setting things on fire* THIS IS NOT AN OKAY DAY!!!!!
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