January 8th, 2005

Mmm red duct tape

Magical, Mystical, Magnetic Me.

One true thing that I have to admit to all of you, is that I? Break things.

This is not to say that I sometimes become overcome with powerful compulsions to destroy and then lurch around smashing and knocking things over while ululating or anything. (Though, that too, sometimes happens...) No, no, you see, this is a far more subtle, pervasive kind of destruction -- in fact, it's not something I really can control.

Just by being in the same room as -- gadgets, or what have you, I break them.

It's been proven, time and again; this is not just my paranoia talking. I think I may be magnetic, but not in that neat Magneto-way, just in a low-level "Oh, look, you're magnetic and so you BREAK THINGS by standing next to them" kind of way.

This, poses many a problem. I've broken computers, phones, televisions, refrigerators, countless cd players, VCRS, radios, toasters -- you name it, I've broken it. It gets old, after a while. Sure, it still has a certain charming (as the French say) I don't know what about it ("Oh, that Nifra, she's a card! Did you know she's magnetic?"), but at the end of the day, I don't want everything I own to be broken by my -- magnetism or whatever.

I think I'm going to start eating less spinach and red meat, so as to cut down on the iron in my blood. This will be what I tell my father by way of pacification when I am also forced to tell him that his record player stopped working when I touched it earlier today.

...that is, if I survive the first ten seconds after the confession.
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    No music, and I'll tell you why: I HAVE BROKEN EVERYTHING THAT PLAYS MUSIC.