January 9th, 2005


A year in my first lines, Or Nifra, You are bugfuck crazy, kiddo.

Clearly the only possble explanation for that is that is an alien infestation or a Bermuda-triangle-esque warping of the fabric of time because you're one of the coolest damned people out there, my fellow Clark loving fiend. I say this every time I wake up early, but it's so true: the earlier I wake up, the more of a real human being I feel like. Today's random Nif-neural firing: The word 'cojones' is like visual onomonotopeia! Mmmhm, nothing quite like finding the click-clacking sound of fingers hitting keys all aruond soothing to make you think, "By God, George (and who the hell is this hypothetical George anyway?) perhaps I've been spending too much time in the library!" Uhm, can I just say, FUCK YEA! Smallville is basically formed on the idea of dueling pairs: of light twins and dark twins. The rejoicing may begin for I have returned from my long, amazingly kick ass vacation. When I am being friendly? I am not necessarily flirting. Reasons I'm ten seconds away from snapping and killing people with my hands. Lyra went totally overtime on this one. It says what it means or it gets the indoor plumbing again!!!!!!!!!!
I wrote today's (December 1st) entry in the SV Undermistletoe Challenge, moderated by On Top of Things Organizer svmadelyn.
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Here's a thought:

Do you all remember that thing from -- I guess last year? Where Person A selected a Person B from their f-list who Person A felt didn't know how much they were appreciated by Person A and then made a post about it?

I really liked that.

You guys want to do it again? Maybe, this time, with more than one person? I'm thinking, this Sunday, let's just do it. It would require no sign up whatsoever. Just pick people, then say nice things about them, and if you'd like, link back in the comments to this post to what you've posted, so that people can browse and find nice things about themselves. (I absolutely SUCK at organization, so this is me doing my very best to feel that role out.)

So, please feel free to link to this post, because honestly? The more the merrier. It's always really nice to be able to put a smile on somebody else's face, just by telling them how much you like them.

ETA: It occurs to me that it is, in fact, Sunday right now. I was really confused, as I tend to get when half asleep -- let's call it Tuesday for the whole big exchange of mutual appreciate and suchwhat? Although, really? Nobody should feel bound to not do it before then; appreciate everybody and anybody wherenever you want, my ducklings. Okay. Now I'm going to sleep for real, because keeping my eyes open is begining to be very, very hard.
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rock star ioan

Friends appreciation day and updates! Yay!

It's been a very strange day chez Nif, what with my brother beating me at Stratego and me wanting to rip off his face for that, but we shall pass over that little tid-bit and go directly to the heart of the matter (if I can be forgiven the Don Henley reference), which is that today I'm take a minute and let a couple of special ladies know how special they are to me. (I've seriously become a Vegas lounge singer all of a sudden. WTF, mate?) The idea is, I'm picking some people on my flist who might not know how much I really do appreciate them, and letting them know -- and so here we go:

latxcvi: Okay, I know it's been said again and again and again, but you have got to be one of the most class acts there is. You're brain is just -- this giant pulsating all knowing orb of intelligence, and the way you break down episodes of Smallville and expose their marrow (for good, or more often, for what the fucking fuck!!? this season) is just absolutely mind blowing to me. You've like, mind-melded with The Smart (you know, the smart that's just kind of -- free floating in our universe) and your LJ is a really thought provoking and intelligent and *fun* place. You're sassy and a hell of a writer of fics, in addition to being one goddamned Deep Meta-Thinker. (Your dS in particular makes me kind of weak at the knees in a GUHFLAIL!!) kind of way. You might not know it, dahlin', but every post you make gives me something to think about, and that in and of itself makes me smile.

scrunchy: So, one word for you -- Taladdin! I'd love you for that alone, probably, because -- really. You were just right there, and all about the Aladdin/Rajah slash and while that's utterly disturbing, it's just one of those things that's going to be the product of a mind as delightfully quirky as yours. You, my dear, are MOLTO MOLTO MOLTO talented -- I think you may, actually, have a door that leads into Dan Rydell's mind and after a half hour spits you out on the side of the Jersey turnpike, becuase your Dan-voice is uncanny. And your Casey. And all of your Sport's Night voices, as a matter of fact. You write them the way those characters *beg* to be written, and you do it poignantly, funnily, just fucking amazingly. And, on top of that? You're, like, crafty. In the literal way, in that you make crafts, though I guess you're pretty wily-crafty, too, come to think of it. Every post you make has these little gems of funny in them, if for only your turn of phrase. You may, in fact, be one of the funniest people on the planet, actually.

I'll probably do more people later, because I actually really like to do this, and don't know why I don't do it more often. It makes me feel all gooey and warm, like a chocolate chip cookie.


In completely different news, my website has been updated by the fabulouso Lyra! You'll find two new due South stories, four new Smallville stories, a Justice League story, and my yuletide Romeo & Juliet story. Plus! Pretty covers are all over the place! And drabbles, and a new Nifra Sue illustration from the criminally talented and continually generous slodwick. I am showered in goodness! Go! Check it out!
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