January 19th, 2005

my idol

Lists! I love lists!

1. It occurs to me that Darla/Angel/Lindsey is essentially the exact same thing as No Exit, except that everyone has eyelids. Also, wtf is Sartre's deal with eyelids and blinking? I mean, I'm not anti-blinking or anything, but he's definitely all about it in a way that's maybe a little confusing to me. I guess it would be creepy if people didn't blink; they'd be like lizards, which is now making me think of people having to lick their eyeballs in order to clean them off and that does enter the realm of hellacious, so okay. Maybe I do get it.

2. Even when you think you've managed to write a story set in a specific time period, anachronisms do creep in. And then they make me feel crazy. Though, honestly, I'm probably the only person who will notice it ever, but for right now it just seems so glaring I could strangle myself with butcher's paper.

3. I keep thinking about Tybalt. It's weird, but I do. When I set out to write my yuletide fic, I had it in my head that the whole thing would mainly be about Tybalt, but Mercutio totally hijacked it. You know, as Mercutio tends to do.

4. If I did a DVD commentary track type thing of my yuletide story, it would probably be boring to the rest of the world, but I may very well do it anyway. Because I'm contrary like that.

5. Waking up early in the morning: suprisingly wonderful. Tangerines: not so surprising, but just as wonderful.
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