February 6th, 2005

open sky - crazy perfume

Items of Note:

1. It turns out vodka does not make me feel less sick.

2. Nor does buying new clothes, but I look cute in them, and that's nice.

3. I think I've lost the ability to write stories. This troubles me.

4. Faith is way hot.

5. I really, really hate being sick. It makes me feel horrid, and ugly, and petulant. It's awful.

6. I really love Lindsey. A whole big lot.

7. I accidentally posted this in wip_amnesty because I'm just not 100 percent right now. At all. God, man. I hate being sick.
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rock star ioan


Dear Eagles,

Why man? I mean -- like, for real? Why? That was the most painful, depressing two minutes ever at the end of the fourth quarter.

Terrell, you did good. Just -- try to not tell Donovan to relax, okay? He's the quarterback of a team during the superbowl and you were behind. What the fuck would posess you to tell him to relax?

Much weeping,



So as we were watching game my friends and I were struck by how hilarious it is that the players cup one another's helmets and stare deeply into one another's eyes after a good play. They're not even slashers, but we were all cracking up and making up dialogue for them as they caressed one another's faces lovingly.

Player1: "You've got the most beautiful running game in the NFL, my love."

Player2: "I'm captivated by your block tackles."

It was really entertaining.

Favorite commercial by far: the one with the cat, the knife, and the pasta sauce. That was awesome.
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my idol

So, this definitely isn't me doing my homework.

First something I've written in a long time. This is an unbeta-ed ficlet I wrote for fox1013.

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I don't know what my deal with writing Jossverse is. I mean, I know the characters pretty well, I think. But sometimes I freak out, and just convince myself there's no way I can write any of them, so why even try!? Then fox1013 (among others) beats me up and encourages me all at once. So if you wish to blame someone for encouraging my rampant Faith-fic tendencies, she's the one, mis amigos.
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big pimpin'

In which I berate lovers long dead and speak fondly of football players still living.

1. Francesco Algarotti, you tool. I have spent weeks reading the letters of Lady Mary, learning her very well indeed, and coming to care for her -- and to appreciate her wit, her honesty, her obsessive qualities. And you, you great buffoon, are the muse that inspires so many eloquent, devestating, poignant letters wherein she lays her soul bare to you. And you lead her on a not-quite-so merry chase for five years, while you flit around sleeping with every breathing object that crosses your path!

I don't care that you translated Newton into Italian for women. You hurt Lady Mary. If you were not all ready dead, buddy, we'd have Words.

2. Oh my goodness. Friday Night Lights. Don't listen to lyra_sena or serialkarma. Believe the hype about Boobie Miles. And Mike Winchell. And Don Billingsly. And Brian Chavez.

Y'all, and I say y'all because it feels appropriate especially when talking about a Texan football movie, this is actually a really absorbing, engaging film. You watch it, and in the final scenes, you're filled with the trepidation! The anxiety! The joy! The triumph! The defeat! The lingering sweetness! The love! The perfection!

Also - so many woobies. So much man comfort.

And -- may I just add -- Tim McGraw and Christian Kane are in it. My feelings on Tim McGraw are mixed, only in as much as my feelings toward his character are very very very mixed. But I was totally unprepared for either of them. I mean, Christian Kane -- blink and you'll miss it. But, I mean. I should be warned about these things, okay?

You'll fall in love with these boys. I mean, in the words of Mike Winchell "I love all y'all!" He's so stoic and quarterbacky! And Boobie is awesome! (I also just like to say Boobie.) And God, Billingsly! *heart* And and and Chavez! And Ivory! *loves it even more*

You know you want to see it if hackthis has already written porn.
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get yr RIFT ON! - slod

Go Mojo!

Fuck the naysayers! This is for hackthis.

Unbetaed, Friday Night Lights fic. Don/Mike. Title from Allman Bros. "Ain't Wastin' Time No More".

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