March 14th, 2005

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So I somehow - don't even ask me how - accidentally ordered The Notebook on pay-per-view when I was trying to set the sleep timer on my television (sleep timer=best thing ever), and because I'd ordered it, I though, "Well. I guess I have to watch it, don't I?"

And man, did I ever bawl like a baby. I mean, I am such a sucker for this kind of thing. My inner sap was gleefully rubbing together her hands from the first moment and then in the end with the freak out scene I totally started to cry in earnest.

As I watched, at first I was like "Nicholas Sparks basically knows me better than anyone because this is definitely my guilty pleasure ON A STICK" and then I was like, "Nicholas Sparks must be stopped, diaboloical fiend that he is."

I've come to believe that Nicholas Sparks does know me better than anyone and that this is why he must be stopped.

And in closing: I'm really glad that I didn't accidentally order porn, because explaining that would have been really weird.
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