March 17th, 2005

viking! - slod

Things Overheard While Drifting In and Out of Consciousness in My Living Room:

"Oh, so Destroyah is a conglomerate of crabs."

"Is that squirrel-Godzilla?"

"Wait - wait - when he says 'sister' does he mean, child of my parents, or 'you go girl'?"

"So the ESP girl is in khaki with the flippy hair? That's so 1995."

"His mouth just came out of his mouth."

"Godzilla fire is the best fire!"

"You're changing shape again! What are you doing?"

"The sun rises in the east, okay?"

"Those crabs should be fed to Mr. Wu's pig, except that they're actually Destroyah."
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sinner ioan

Point Pleasant.

This show's pitch was obviously: "What if we got a lot of people who looked like famous people, and then -- I don't know. Some shit was evil? And there was cleavage?"

Furthermore, every scene looks like it's about to become porn somehow.

That is all.
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