April 5th, 2005

not my job - slod

Notes to self:

1. When you have no voice, it's really best not to make phone calls, because you realize all of a sudden that you have no way of actively communicating with the person on the other end of the line, freak out and hang up, causing people to think you've suddenly turned the bend between 'harmlessly weird' to 'heavy breather on phone'.

2. Your voice can, apparently, disappeary entirely in the course of one day. Raspy to nil in under 24 hours. This may be a record.

3. The fact that you, Nifra, do not have a voice is just as funny as everyone around you thinks it is. Do not punch them in the face for mocking you. Accept the hilarity graciously, and move on.

4. Write your paper. Do it now.
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viking! - slod

Je suis une spam bot.

Hours of sleep gotten in the past three or four days: Somewhere under sixteen?
Amount of pages written in the past nine hours: THIRTY ONE. I AM A GOLDEN GOD.
Amount of coffee consumed: I lost track around ten or so. In my defense, it was wussy coffee, and it was hot, and that helped my throat.
Ability to speak: Like unto that of a newborn babe, yet much, much less able to make shrieky noises. I can kind of squeak, and click. So I'm a little like a dolphin, but with legs.
Ways that metaphor sucked: Myriad.
Times I've compulsively brushed teeth, in order to soothe nerves: Many, many.
Cigarettes smoked: None! The kid, she can be taught! Smoking when -- sick? I don't even know if that's what I am -- is a bad idea!
Candy eaten: None! I win so much!
Things I've destroyed: Accidentally, I destroyed a holder of blank cds I had. On purpose I destroyed a cardboard box that had offended me.
Truth in the statement that my life is not like other people's: God, more than I can even say.
Hey, is that Elvis outside of my window?: It very well might be. You think I'm kidding and I'm way, way not.
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