April 15th, 2005


A fun game.

Love: Warm soup when cold.
Hate: Being cold.

Love: Radio show.
Hate: Non-working equipment.

Love: Sleep.
Hate: Paper.

Love: bexless. Happy Birthday, sweetcheeks!
Hate: Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper. Paper.
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    Call Me - Blondie

I throw my dignity aside, and beg mercy of you all, talented people.

This is my second 'icon beg' in the past week, but really, since when did I have shame? NEVER. Would somebody mind terribly making me an icon of this picture, just with my name on it? I'd totally appreciate it. And probably do a muppet flail. (It's Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight, which if you haven't seen, you should. It's an amazingly good movie.)
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    As Cool As I Am - Dar Williams