April 25th, 2005

Girlfight! - Commodorified!!

Post one of Nifra's Monday Night Madness: All Nighters R US!!!!

Things which are pleasing to me:

1. Haiku for Him.
2. No Net Below, Brian/Dom FatF by Lyra Sena FOR MY BIRTHDAY
3. Lay Upon My Altar Now Your Love, Lancelot/Arthur King Arthur by Vic P. FOR MY BIRTHDAY
4. Hearts and Flowers, Duck/Dan Wilby Wonderful by Pearl_O FOR MY BIRTHDAY
5. Ray is Not His Best in the Mornings, Rayk/Fraser due South by SerialKarma FOR MY BIRTHDAY
6. Everybody who wished me a happy birthday *blows kisses*!
7. The lovely e-cards I got from stopawhile and girlinthetrilby *throws self at you with tight hugs*!
8. The fact that I decided to go ahead and have my birthday instead of freaking out and leaving it at the altar (which seemed a viable option for some time.
9. Vin Diesel in a kilt.
10. Plantagenets.

Things which are not pleasing to me:

1. This man.
2. The persistent lack of Red Bull in my all nightering life.
3. The chill in my extremities.
4. The fact that my shoes weirdly feel like they're on the wrong feet, but they definitely aren't.
5. My kitchen.
6. My all nightering life.
7. The creepy sweater man who asked me again today if I'd be his girlfriend when I bumped into him outside of the cafeteria. Once and for all, creepy sweater man, the answer is NO, OKAY??!!?!?
8. The fact that only the creepy ask me to date/marry/give my number to them.
9. This woman.
10. The fact that I've been using the word 'turgid' all day, in ways that are sometimes appropriate, and sometimes not. It's just the first word that springs to my mind, for rather Freudian reasons, most likely.

Now, furthermore, I wish to discuss The Fast and the Furious, which GOD HELP ME, I love far too much. I find myself re-reading everything in the fandom so many times I could quote parts of Female Trouble by khaleesian verbatim, which is frightening to you and me both.

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Funny how I talked about everything except for Brian/Dom, but I'm too much in the OMG OTP way with them just now. Literally, I get weirdly uncomfortable when I read fics with them not together. I say "But, but, but -- Brian/Dom!" and flail at the screen. It distresses me.

In other news, my website has been updated by the fabulous lyra_sena with stories in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, due South, Firefly, Friday Night Lights, Good Will Hunting and Wilby Wonderful. Get thee hence, and enjoy!

ETA: Sorry to have posted a broken, long and link filled business!! I hate it when that happens! Damn you manual coding, and damn you non working LJ client!!
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