April 30th, 2005

ew bitch - crazyperfume

Oh, I'm rocking my hatred hardcore right now.

I just stormed out of my house to disrupt the godless heathens who were conducting a drum circle bleow my window. I was already asking them through clenched teeth to take their bongo drums and go the fuck away when I realized -- probably because of the way everybody was staring at me -- that I was definitely wearing clothing not fit for company. A terry cloth halter top and a tiny pair of shorts is not really the most appropriate outfit to wear (sans bra), when one is standing outside in the cold. So then one of them said something along the lines of, "Sorry, man, we're just trying to, like, feel our chi, you flow?"

Me: "Excuse me?"

Him: "You flow?...You know, you dig, you catch?"

Me: "Oh, I flow. I flow that you're all incredibly stoned right now, and I've got a paper to write and sleep to do. So, how about you go do what you're doing somewhere else, and I'll sleep, savvy?"

Him: "Savvy?"

Me: "Pirate for 'flow'."

Anyway, I'm now apparentely the diabolic bitch monster in tiny clothing who appears from on high and ruins the lives of crunchy wee hippies. This is something I think I can pretty much live with, safe to say. Especially because one bastard said something like, "Whoa, you actually have to -- write papers? Just take, like, an art class. That's what I'm doing."

Kill. Kill. Kill.

At any rate, here's what should happen now: you know that meme where people give me characters/pairings and I either talk about them briefly or write a drabble? Yeah, that one. Any pairing, any fandom that you all want to hear me think on, just comment, and I'll spew my thoughts out for you, in word format. (At some point. I swear it.)

Attractive, isn't it?
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sinner ioan

For musesfool: Musings on Arthur/Lancelot.

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I love this pairing. I love this pairing because of what's dark and complicated and messy about addiction and worship and what it is that powers these men toward one another. I love this pairing because these are men who strike sparks, and are sharp as blades, and they would do anything for one another except understand each other fully. It's fucked up, y'all, and it's tragic, certainly, but it's so incredibly *fierce* that you can't look away. This is a winter love, made of stone and sword, and red blood on black dirt -- you want hearts and flowers? Head on round the corner, check out Galahad/Gawain.
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