May 9th, 2005

Clark RHPS

Allergies, I'ma bust a tunic on your ass.

I used to think that being grown up was buying your own Q-tips. I was wrong.

Slouching toward adulthood is really defined by walking through the cold for about a mile and a half so that you can buy something you know you don't actually want to ingest, and that you know will linger on as a horrific chemical taste in your mouth long after you've swallowed it, spending money on it when you're going through a lean period, money wise, and then walking back in the cold, and taking the reccomended dosage, all so that you can finally stop feeling like the inside of your face is really, really itchy.

I don't care if your'e nine or if you're ninety -- robitussin is gross as all get out. Not even a spoon full of sugar could help that medecine go down. But thank God it's not Dimetapp. That's all I really have to say about that.

ETA: So the movie Camp. How many of you all have seen it? How many of you all want to write me Micheal/Vlad, like, right now, to pull me from my allergy induced funk? *bright smile, with swollen red, puffy eyes*
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Mercutio, Romeo and Tybalt: Lots and lots of talking about them.

Now, I have to admit, I had never once thought about Shakesperean slash as possibility before I received my Yuletide assignment last year, but now that I have, the doors that opens are nearly endless. Really. It's like -- find a whole new playground. One that's shiny and has a really intensely cool swing set. (*coughs* Horatio/Hamlet -- it writes itself. Or, you should write it. Now.)

My assignment was Mercutio/Tybalt, which made me do a doubletake -- because I couldn't figure out if they had a scene together beyond the one where they both die. Collapse )

*laughs weakly* I didn’t intend for this to get quite this long, just to give a quick set up for how I saw the dynamics between these three characters so I could then talk about the nitty gritty of writing the yuletide story in general. But I think the reason this explanation gets so long winded – other than the fact that I am firmly into essay-mode right now – is that when you’re dealing with a text like, oh, you know, SHAKESPEARE, you absolutely have to make it work.

There’s no half way here, or at least I felt like there sure wasn’t. You have to *know* these characters as best you can, and I spent so much time reading and re-reading R&J for that story that I really got very fully developed ideas of each of the characters in my head.

I got like, full visuals for what they looked like and everything – as I wrote every scene was, to me, a cinematic sort of experience because I could *see* it, very clearly. I could see them, the way that Mercutio needed Romeo so desperately, how Mercutio’s adoration was the taken for granted corner stone of Romeo’s life, how Tybalt was hungry and vulnerable.

Next up on the Nifra Gets Pompous and Verbose Series: I’ll do the actual ‘writing of’ post for Waste Our Lights in Vain. I promise.
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