May 31st, 2005

charlize sex

I like to wear my sunglasses at night.

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So who's going to write me that, eh? I mean, really. You know you want to make me happy. I'm awfully cute when I'm happy.

I keep telling myself that just because Matt Damon is in O11, my takethehouse really shouldn't be a thinly veiled Good Will Hunting fic. I love Chuckie Sullivan maybe too much is what it comes down to, and sort of just want to write about him all the time, and exactly how often do I have an excuse to do that? Not often enough, dammit.

Also? My Kink/Cliche fic? Ahahaahahahahah. *wipes eyes* Yeah. That's -- oh man. Things are going well for me and my challenge fics. Woo. I'm sorry, I just gave myself a good laugh. Ha! Kink/Cliche fic. That's a knee-slapper.

(svmadelyn and seperis, I am so sorry. Really. I just -- the story -- it was like, oil, water, and cake batter. Large gloopy messes, all over the kitchen, with completely unsalvageable chocolate. I'm going to fix it somehow. Someday. I swear it.)

Here are somethings that have been pleasing to me in the mean time:

A kick ass BSG vid. Starbuck centric, to Mirah's "Cold, Cold, Water", and just incredibly well done. I love the song -- Mirah's one of my absolute favorites, and this is one of my favorites of hers, and the weirdness of the song works so well with BSG. Check it out.

A cover made for ME by disprove for A Warlike Prince, and it really fuckin' rules. She tapped into the way that Lex is completely just -- scorched in that story it's really pretty. Love on her, will you? Because my flailsqueal has yet to end.

ETA: It's funny how I forgot to put the links in this the first time I posted it. I mean, but really. *Funny*.
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