June 27th, 2005

sith happens - xintothewestx

An Open Letter

Dear People Who Put Pictures of Fisting On the Internet in Weird Places to Shock Other People,

Lick the electrical socket next to you. Go on, do it. I know you want to. It'll feel good. I promise.

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bear, cautionary - scrunchy

a killer combo.

nifra_idril: Let us be clear: The bear does not want to have sex with you. The bear wants to eat you.
lyra_sena: also, they're in collusion with the sharks.
nifra_idril: They are NOT.

nifra_idril: Sharks are all: ------KILL-------KILL------KILL---hey is that a dolphin? SHIT WE ARE FUCKED
nifra_idril: bears are crafty.
nifra_idril: bears are not to be trusted.
nifra_idril: bears eat nuts and berries.
lyra_sena: bears eat ---
lyra_sena: god. I can't do it.
lyra_sena: I was going to say "brains"
nifra_idril: only ZOMBIE BEARS eat brains.
nifra_idril: let's not be ridiculous.
lyra_sena: *slaps forehead* of COURSE
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