July 6th, 2005

baltar/six divine - icon_ascenscion

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after herculean efforts of driving and a personal vendetta with both carolinas, i have reached lyra's. nothing is on fire. everything is off to a wonderful start so far. then again, it's been five minutes and both of us have lighters.

secondly: john sheppard is desperate for it. that slut. his hair keeps screaming 'do me do me do me' from all of its wayward little follicles.
sinner ioan

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i am in lyra's lap and we are debating whether or not we will ever watch the rest of sga, but i'll tell you one thing, and it's this: OF COURSE WE WILL~!!!!!

and of course we will because OMG RODNEY AND JOHN and plus, MORE WINE TO BE HAD, so why would we not!?/??!?!?! clearly no reason.

uhm. also, we've been drunk dialing. we're sorry?