July 28th, 2005

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There are nights when I go to bed and am filled with little thoughts and insights and ideas and all kinds of things that I am really bursting at the seams to say and yet have no audience for, and I think, "I know what I'll do - when I get a minute alone to like, breathe, and I can get online, I'll put them on my livejournal!" But then I finally get a few minutes alone to breathe and read LJ and email and all that good stuff and the only thing I can think about is the fact that my mouth tastes swollen (don't ask, it would be hard to explain). I can't really make it past that right now, for whatever reason. I even have things to say of a modest level of interest about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (*cough* Hi. Childermass/Vinculus 4evah!!) and HPB and bears and the story of how yesterday when I went hiking hung over my cousin nearly choked to death on a blueberry and then my other cousin fell into the local water supply while we were trying to give her the heimlich and then there were coils of snakes and a park ranger showed up and was all "What are you kids up to?" and I had to pretend to be calm when in reality my brain was in the process of collapsing inside my skull and I was broken out in a horrific hung over cold sweat. Instead, though, all I can tell you is that my mouth tastes very very swollen. And that is your Nifra Thought of the day.
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