August 10th, 2005

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The yin yang of essential desire, or I Want Lobster, Please Feed Me.

I honestly believe that instead of wasting time trying to invent a more ergonomic water bottle, the world should be putting all of its effort into giving me telekinesis. I like to imagine that the people who are making tomatoes perfectly round and kind of tasteless could, instead, be cultivating some kind of magic berry that I could turn into juice and drink like one of the Gummi Bears on TV, and instead of being able to bounce, I could close my eyes, and murmur, "Come to me left over dinner. Come to me arranged on a plate in an aesthetically pleasing fashion, with a fork, a knife and appropriate beverage." And lo, it would appear. Also, maybe I could have theme music.

If only I knew Rodney McKay. And he was real. And kind of a botanist/wizard. Although something about that sentence has me immediately contemplating the possibility of Rodney/Neville, but when I say contemplate, I really mean that I'm thinking, "You know, hackthis will, someday, write that."

Furthermore: ergonomic wtf? I mean, but really. Get back to me on that one.


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I do believe I've recced this before, but I just re-read the story that was written for me in musesfool's Take the House O11 challenge, and if you haven't read it and you have any interest in Rusty/Danny whatsoever, then I suggest you read it immediately. It's beautiful and you're taken along it's wandering roads just as Danny and Rusty are. It's perfect. It's called The Absence of Truth in Cartography and it's by angelgazing, and I've just reread for the ninetieth time, and I am wallowing in the happy good feeling it gives me. And wanting to share that feeling.


Katee Sackhoff and Romola Garai: seperated at birth?

Which reminds me: We've come to the 'Nifra begs like the petulant, spoiled child she is' portion of the post. Point me toward good Starbuck icons? I can't imagine why I don't have one of her mouth/shoulders/self. God, she's ridiculously hot.

Also, hi. *smiles sweetly* Would anyone out there have any idea where I could find an icon that's the robot from Iron Giant that says, "I, Vin Diesel"? I feel that I need this.


I am desperately bored, and nothing is writing itself. There's no magical fruit juice for that either, sadly enough. *sighs and pokes internets for entertainment*
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