October 5th, 2005

every ioan!! - slod

Did you say fig newton? Or did you say get naked?

Any night that includes you having to say, repeatedly, "Oh, for the love of Mary, pull up your damn pants already before you get mosquito bites on your dick," while about ten of your friends roll around in the bushes laughing is, on the whole, a pretty good night. Weird, but good.

In other news: the working world does not suit me, and I'm offering myself to the universe in any of the following capacities: 1) eastern potentate, 2) rock star, 3) pretty pretty princess. Anyone know of any openings? I'm not sure I could really rock out as much as all that, but I bet you anything I'd live the lifestyle pretty well. Plus, leather pants, baby.

Finally: Supernatural is hilarious. I mean, I'm sure it's had better nights, but tonight was the night I watched it as House was preempted on my television screen (*shakes fist at sky* WHY!!!!?!?), and boy oh boy. Jensen Ackles is pretty, isn't he? That's about all I've got to say about that.
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