October 23rd, 2005

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Here is a re-enactment of my life, in an action bracket (not that it's an actual bracket, so much as a pair of asterisks, but really, you know what I mean: *runs around like a crazy person, reads a thousand books, comes home to a dirty apartment, freaks out and goes to a bar until stupid posts and dumber phone calls are made and then rinse, wash, repeat*

I now have 3 jobs and am a full time student, and am trying to fit a very muscular (by which I mean friends who are nigh unto co-dependent) social life in there somewhere, and excuse me, why did any of this seem like a good plan? I mean, seriously. And a romantic life, too? What?

But the funny thing is that all of this adds up to the same thing it did last year when I had no jobs, no romantic life, fewer classes, and less to do with myself: I really don't want to do my laundry.

I can just Febreeze again, right? Right?
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